How to improve activated alumina performance

- Apr 11, 2018-

The performance of activated alumina adsorbents is universally recognized. How to better display and imprve the performance of activated alumina desiccants? It has become a attracting work. The following small series is simple to introduce everyone.

First, we say it from the use of activated alumina adsorbent. we know that the adsorption time of activated alumina adsorbent on its impact factors are very large, the adsorption capacity of the product will change with the length of the adsorption time, the adsorption time is long adsorption, The amount will be more, but we need to pay attention to the fact that when the adsorption of activated alumina balls is nearly saturated, its adsorption amount decreases with the passage of time, so time is an influencing factor.

Second, the amount of activated alumina used in a time. For activated alumina adsorbent, if you only want to save the cost of activated alumina and put less dosing, the result will bring less performance. So, generally before useing, please do the step as design. If the number of used Smaller, it will affect the effect.

Third, the use of environmental PH. Regardless of the pH value of air or moisture, in the pH = 7 environment, it is on the worst adsorption, but in acidic or alkaline conditions, its adsorption capacity increased significantly.

The above method is to improve the performance of the activated alumina adsorbent. The above points should be taken into consideration in the use. Not only can the performance of the product be improved, but also the production cost can be greatly reduced, and the economic benefits can be improved.

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