Activated Aluminium Oxide

Activated Aluminium Oxide

Activated aluminium oxide in Zibo Xiangrun has activated alumina beads, activate alumina balls, activated alumina strip, activated alumina column, activated alumina clover, activated alumina ring, and promoted activated alumina. Zibo xiangrun and Shandong Bairui manufacture all kinds of activated alumina media.
XR activated alumina adsorbent could costly reduce your cost and time. Activated alumina adsorbent is white, spherical and porous granule with smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hydroscopicity, nom-cracking and odorless alumina balls. It is not soluble in water and alcohol.
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Product Details

The series of Activated aluminium oxide:

1. Activated alumina desiccant

2. Activated alumina for air dryers

3. Activated alumina for air seperation

4. Activated alumina for removal of chloride

5. Activated alumina for removal of COS

6. Activated alumina used in polymer, polyurethane, and polyethylene purification

7. Activated alumina for water treatment

8. Activated alumina used in hydrogen peroxide

9. Activated Alumina For Defluorination In Hydrofluoric Alkylation

10. Specialized Activated Alumina for PTA

11. Activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate

12. Promoted activated alumina

13. Claus catalyst

14. TiO2/Al2O3

15. Fe2O3/AL2O3

16. CuO2/Al2o3

17. Sulfur recovery catalyst

18.0.5mm-1mm microsphere , 1-2mm microspheres, 2-3mm microspheres

19. Alumina catalyst carrier(alumina beads, alumina ring, alumina clover, alumina strip, ect.)

20 Activated alumina with potassium permanganate

Note: We could do the activated alumina adsorbents as your required data


Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui will manufacture and supply good quality and competitive products for our all customers. Welcome your enquiry and samples test. We will do our best service for you.

Storage of Activated aluminium oxide

●  Avoid moisture, avoid scrolling, throw and sharp shocking during transportation, rainproof facilities should be readied..

●  It should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent contamination or moisture.


Package of Activated aluminium oxide:


Plastic bag



Super sack/Jumbo bag



25 kg/ 55 lb

150 kg/ 330 lb



1000kg/ 2200 lb




Q: What price is activated alumina you produce?

A: As professional factory in activated alumina, our price is very competitive on our high quality. We will help clients to save much cost. For more details, please contact our salesman. We will offer you a satisfactory answer.

Q: What time is storage life of activated alumina?

A: Usually, it is about 2 years in good storage. Before using, if the condition permit, please heat them at about 350℃..