A FAMILY OF HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINA that can be manufactured to meet specific customer needs.


Typical applications include drying, purification, catalyst, abrasives, polishes, binders, ceramic coatings, sol-gel ceramics, paper coatings and formed catalyst supports. The Versal product line includes pseudoboehmite, gamma and

alpha aluminas, and owes its versatility to the extensive physical and rheological differences of its applications.

Ceramic and catalyst manufacturers now have the option of a range of alumina product properties including density,

porosity, acid stability and thermal sintering characteristics to apply in a variety of applications.

Air and Drying and Seperation


Adsorption Application

A versatile group of products for removal, by selective chemical reactions, of a wide range of contaminants including arsine, phosphine, reactive sulfur compounds, free oxygen, hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) and trace acetylenes and dienes. The line of adsorbents:

· – propylene purification

· – ethylene removal

· – CO removal from liquid hydrocarbons

· – sulfur removal

· – arsine removal

· – chloride removal

 Environment Purification


Petrochemical Catalyst and Adsorption