Activated alumina desiccant production process

- Apr 11, 2018-

Because activated alumina desiccant has the advantages of uniform particle size, smooth surface, large mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, un- swelling after cracking, and the advantage of maintaining the original shape after being absorbed. It has been recognized by everyone in use. Today Bairui company share about the active oxidation. Aluminum desiccant production process.

Activated alumina desiccant is produced under certain operating conditions and regeneration conditions. The drying depth of the desiccant is up to a dew point temperature of -70 degrees below, involving chemical alumina production process. This method uses aluminum hydroxide as a raw material and is crushed. Rapid dehydration, granulation, hydration, activation roasting, screening and packaging processes.

The main technical features of the active alumina desiccant during its production are that in the above-mentioned rapid dehydration process, the inlet temperature of the flash roaster is 850-950°C, and the outlet temperature is controlled at 430-490°C, which is used in the granulation process. The formulation of the agent is 100 parts of water, 8-12 parts of ammonium bicarbonate, 6-10 parts of sodium carbonate, and 40-60 parts of rho alumina. After hydration of the pellets, hydration of the pellets is followed by steam hydration. The temperature is 90-100° C. and the time is 4-6 hours. The activation calcination process has a calcination temperature of 390-430° C. and a calcination time of 30-40 minutes.

he activated alumina production.png

The above content is the production process of activated alumina desiccant. Now it has played an important role in petrochemical and other industries. Everyone can use it rationally according to the characteristics of the product and the effect he wants.

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