Activated Alumina

​Xiangrun and Bairui produce high quality activated alumina and alumina adsorbents with warranty. We devoted ourselves to activated alumina many years, covering Europe, America, Asia’s market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.
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Product Details

Product Introduction:

Activated alumina, also called activated aluminum oxide, is used as desiccant, adsorbent, catalyst carrier, de-fluorination, chloride removal, claus catalyst and others. It has high porous structure, high surface area, high selectivity, high absorbent rate, ect.

Chemical Formula: Al2O3• nH2O

Xiangrun and Bairui produce high quality activated alumina and alumina adsorbents with warranty. We devoted ourselves to activated alumina many years, covering Europe, America, Asia's market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.



●-Dehydration of gas and liquid streams

●-Sulfur recovery via Claus catalyst

●-Catalyst carriers

●-Selective adsorption and purification of hydrocarbons streams

●Compressed air drying

●Natural gas drying

●Removal of acids from transformer oils, lubricating oils, and refrigerants

●-Purification of industrial gases

●-LCD adsorbents.

●H2S and SO2 removal

●-Chromatographic separation

●-Bed support

Product clarification:

General Aluminas
XR AA-101 activated alumina desiccant
XR AA-132 activated alumina for PTA

Chloride/TBC Purification

●XR CL-104, CL-104E


Peroxide Purification

●XR AA-107

SRU Claus Catalysts

●-Activated alumina catalysts

●-Promoted alumina catalysts

●-Titania catalysts

●-Alumina/Titania composite catalysts

●-Bed supports

Water treatment/fluoride removal

●XR AA-105

Hydrocarbon purification
XR AA-104
XR AA-125

KMNO4 impregnated with activated alumina


Catalyst carrier

Large pore volume activated alumina

●-Available in powder, granular, and spherical forms in standard and custom sizes

●-Impressive range of adsorbent products including desiccant, chloride adsorbent, and Claus Catalysts

●-pseudoboehmite, Boehmite and boehmite-based gamma alumina powders for chemical catalysts, catalyst binders and abrasives

Product Technical Parameter








white, sphere, odourless, insoluble in  water, innocuous


Adsorbent, Desicccant


adsorption H2O2

catalyst carrier

Dehydrating and drying in air separation







chemical composition

Al2O3 %






Na2O %













bulk density







surface area







pore volume







Attrition Loss







Crushing strength(N/Particle)





































Regeneration of activated alumina

●In the drying of activated alumina, regeneration of activated alumina is necessary. The heating and desorption processes include heating, rinsing and cooling in three steps. The higher the heating temperature, the more complete the desorption regeneration. General heating regeneration temperature is about 350 ℃. The temperature of the activated alumina tower is generally raised to 280℃ for 4 hours. Heating rate of about 50 ℃ per hour. After the regeneration of the active alumina bed must be cooled before the adsorption operation, with the cooling gas to wash the bed, the gas should also be used to try not to contain water, cold gas flow and adsorption cycle of the same direction. When activated alumina is used for liquids such as propylene drying, it is necessary to first drive the liquid of the activated alumina bed at the time of regeneration, without any dead ends. Otherwise the residual liquid will react or carbonize upon heating, which will seriously affect the efficiency and operating life of the adsorption cycle.

●If the activated alumina has good quality, it will improve the life of activated alumina. Certainly, whatever bad or good, you should use desiccant regeneration for future application. But Good quality activated alumina performance could improve the life and drying situation. So please purchase activated alumina from standard activated alumina factory. Trust our company could offer you the best warranty.

Professional technical proposals:

●The specialists of our company can design the technical offer with recommendations of application adsorptive drying systems and purification of gas and-liquid flows.

●Designing of adsorption system;

●Calculations of needed quantity of adsorbents ,catalyst and alumina balls ;

●Selection of cycle time ;

●Recommendations on regeneration and cooling of the adsorbent;

●Filling instruction of adsorbents ,catalyst and alumina balls

●Technical guaranties on adsorbent operation.

Deliver, packing, Shipping and Serving:

●2-7 working days since payment receipt

●25kg/plastic bag, 150kg/new steel drum, 25kg/paper drum, 500kg/750kg/jumbo bag. The all could add wooden pallets, non-fumigation pallets and plastic pallets as your requirement.



Q: Do you have professional team for our special activated alumina to satisfy our data requirement?
A: Our engineer and technical team includes 8 people to research and develop activated alumina. Until now, we don't confront any trouble on the data.
Q: How long is the service life?
A: Usually, it is at least 2 years or 8000 hours.
Q: How to store activated alumina?
A: Firstly, Avoid moisture, avoid scrolling, throw and sharp shocking during transportation, rainproof facilities should be readied. Then it should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent contamination or moisture.
Q: Can activated alumina be regenerated?
A: Yes, activated alumina could be regenerated with right method. You could contact us for more information.

Latest News:
Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui successfully research new sulfur adsorbent in November, 2017. It owns high sulfur adsorb capability, and adopt new technology. For more detail, please contact our team.