Activated alumina adsorption capacity

- Apr 11, 2018-

The adsorption capacity of activated alumina adsorbent is one of the criteria for judging its quality. Its adsorption capacity is expressed in terms of adsorption capacity. Its adsorption capacity is divided into static adsorption capacity and dynamic adsorption capacity.

1. Static adsorption capacity: It is the maximum amount of adsorbed material that can be adsorbed per unit weight or unit volume of active alumina adsorbent when the temperature and the concentration of adsorbed components are constant, that is, the adsorption capacity can reach the maximum The value is also the balance value.

2. Dynamic adsorption capacity: It is the adsorption value when the product reaches the “response point”. The average adsorption capacity of the activated alumina adsorbent in the adsorber has flowed since the gas continuously flows through the surface of the product. Therefore, the dynamic adsorption capacity is smaller than the static adsorption capacity.

The adsorption capacity of activated alumina adsorbent is very strong, and its adsorption function is more and more widely used, and it is an ideal purification material.

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