How To Choose High Quality Activated Alumina

- Mar 10, 2018-

How to choose high quality activated alumina? XR101 activated alumina could help you to solve the all questions of activated alumina. The activated alumina desiccant is for the Drying. The most of gas and liquid can be dried with activated alumina. Due to the high surface area (350m2/g, activated alumina is an effective adsorbent in such gases as Acetylene, Oxygen, Methane and Oxygen along with fluids such as Benzene, Freon, Hydraulic Oils, Kerosene, transformer and vegetable oils.

Alumina is widely used for pressure swing and heatless dryer systems to produce a continuous supply of dry air with a moisture content of better than -40°C dewpoint.Transformer oils, lubricating oils and refrigerants all form degradation acids upon use. Activated  alumina will remove these corrosive acids thus protecting valuable equipment.The application of alumina desiccant is Air drying industry, Air and natural gas industry, Chemical industry, Fertilizer industry, and Petrochemical industry. 

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XR101 activated alumina adsorbent owns low dewpoint, big surface area and big pore volme. XR101 activated alumina is highly porous desicant produced. This desiccant holds a very high surface area to weight ratio as it is characterized by a huge number of tunnel-shaped pores.

High quality activated alumina is XR101 activated aluminium oxide. High performance activated alumina is high pore volume, low dew point and big surface area. It could solve the dessiccant the matters in the drying application.

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