Alumina Catalyst

Alumina Catalyst

Alumina catalyst is Xiangrun and Bairui’s alumina catalyst line in the industry ​Alumina catalyst include claus catalyst, catalyst carrier in petrochemical, hydride sulfurization, low temperature shift catalyst.
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Product Details

Classification of alumina catalyst:

●  Claus catalyst

●  promoted activated alumina,

●  TiO2/AL2O3 catalyst,

●  TiO2 catalyst,

●  Fe2O3/Al2O3 catalyst,

●  Co-Mo/AL2O3 catalyst.

●  CuO/Al2O3 catalyst


Characteristics of Alumina catalyst

●  High surface area activated alumina sphere with tailored pore size distribution

●  Effectively application

●  Good active impregnation or immersion

●  Enhances Claus reaction activity through increased diffusion rates and surface activity   

●  Specifically designed for use in all beds for high activity conversions of H2S/SO2

●  - Ideal for conversion of COS and CS2 in the first converter

●  - Well suited for use in sulfur recovery processes operating







Q: How do you control the quality of activated alumina beads?

A: As professional group in activated alumina, We control our quality by the factory testing department. We also can do FDA, BV, SGS or any other Third-party testing.

Q: What size is appropriate for activated alumina fluoride removal

A: The recommended size for activated alumina fluoride removal is 1-2mm and 2-3mm.