Comparison Of The Advantages Of Alumina And Boehmite In Lithium Battery Diaphragm Applications

- Mar 17, 2021-

Diaphragm alumina is a high-hardness compound with a melting point of 2054°C and a boiling point of 2980°C. It can be ionized at high temperatures. As an inorganic substance, alumina has high thermal stability and chemical inertness, and is a good choice for ceramic coatings on battery separators.

1. Long cycle life

2. High magnification

3. High-purity nano alumina also has very good thermal conductivity

4. Good wettability.

5. High-purity nano alumina material also has excellent flame retardancy.

6. When the current is too large, it can block the current.

First of all, in addition to meeting the requirements of lithium batteries for separators, boehmite has the following advantages over alumina.

1. Boehmite has high heat resistance temperature and good compatibility with organic matter.

2. The hardness of boehmite is low. During the cutting and coating process, it has little mechanical wear. It can reduce equipment wear and the risk of foreign matter. At the same time, the cost is lower than that of high-purity alumina.

3. The coating has high flatness and low internal resistance.

4. Boehmite has a small specific gravity, and the same weight is 25% more coated than high-purity alumina.

5. Compared with alumina, boehmite has lower energy consumption and the production process is more environmentally friendly.

6. The water absorption rate of boehmite is only half of that of high-purity alumina.

7. The preparation of boehmite is simpler, unlike high-purity alumina that has to undergo a series of complex processes such as calcination, crushing, and classification.

8. The replacement of boehmite materials does not have the threshold of equipment and process replacement for diaphragm companies and battery companies, and the damage to the equipment of the diaphragm companies is small. The diaphragm companies also tend to cooperate with battery companies to speed up the verification of boehmite materials and product verification.

With the continuous development of the application of boehmite in lithium battery separators, in terms of competitive advantages and cost advantages, although boehmite has obvious advantages, and boehmite will accelerate the competition for the market share of high-purity alumina materials, The existence of the stock market will not completely replace it in a short time. -The content comes from China Powder Network