Our Factory's Pseudo Boehmite Can Replace Sasol SB Powder

- Feb 27, 2021-

Pseudo boehmite, also called pseudo-boehmite, is an alumina crystal containing 1.8~2.5 crystal water molecules. It is a kind of crystal phase and crystal form that is first generated in the process of synthesizing aluminum hydroxide. Incomplete, it is the transition state of AI (OH),;. The typical crystal form is a very thin platelet with folds. Compared with Al (OH), pseudo-boehmite has incomplete crystal water molecules, so it has many special properties.

Pseudo boehmite molecules have a spatial network structure, large pores and a developed specific surface area, and become viscous colloids with thixotropy in acidic environments. All these characteristics make pseudo-boehmite have completely different uses from aluminum hydroxide.

There are two main production methods for pseudo-boehmite:

1. Inorganic Aluminum Salt Method

2. 2. Organic aluminum salt method.

At present, the main production method of Chinese enterprises is the inorganic aluminum salt method, and the inorganic aluminum salt method is divided into aluminum salt neutralization method and carbonization method. The method is simple in process, low in cost, and small in equipment investment, but the impurities in the product such as sodium, halogen, silicon, iron, sulfate, etc. are difficult to control, and the impurity content is high, which leads to poisoning of the precious metal catalyst in the process of serving as a catalyst carrier.

With the increasing requirements of modern chemical industry for catalysts, higher requirements have been placed on the quality of pseudo-boehmite products. As the country’s environmental protection efforts increase, petroleum refining (desulfurization, denitrification, alkylation) catalysts, reforming catalysts and production tail gas and automobile

The amount of exhaust gas purification catalysts has increased sharply, and such catalysts need to use high-purity pseudo-boehmite as a binder or carrier. Therefore, the market prospects of high-purity pseudo-boehmite are promising, and the amount will increase year by year.

The global producer of high-purity pseudo-boehmite is mainly Sasol Company, with an annual output of 70,000 tons, which is high in purity but expensive. In view of the fact that there is no industrialized production of high-purity pseudo-boehmite in China and all rely on imports, it is very necessary and necessary to develop high-purity pseudo-boehmite by hydrolysis of aluminum alkoxide.

Therefore, Shandong Bairui and Zibo Xiangrun have developed a high-purity pseudo-boehmite product in order to meet the needs of the market, and its technical indicators have gradually replaced German Sasol sb powder.