0.5-1mm Activated Alumina

0.5-1mm Activated Alumina

0.5-1mm activated alumina The good performance in the defluorination and water treatment We could adjust the data as your condition and application.
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0.5mm-1mm activated alumina belongs to activateda alumina beads.

0.5-1mm activated alumina beads are porous, highly disperse solid materials. Its  main component is ≥92% AL2O3. The appearance of activated alumina spheres is white spherical porous particles, uniform particle size, smooth surface has a large specific surface area. Its owns good adsorption performance, fluoride removal performance, drying performance, surface activity, Excellent thermal stability, etc., 

0.5-1mm activated aluminium oxide is non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water. It  has a very strong adsorption on ethanol and fluorine. Its performance is better than 1-2mm and 2-3mm. 

0.5-1mm activated aluminium oxide  performance:

    1. To have a large internal surface area and a large porosity. The alumina adsorbent is a porous material with a highly porous structure and a large exposed surface. Including the outer and inner surfaces of the particles, the inner surface is always much larger than the outer surface. These internal channels are usually very small, some have a width of only a few molecules, but the number is extremely large, which is determined by the porosity of the adsorbent. Therefore, it is required that the adsorbent have a large porosity;

    2. Selective Adsorption of Different Gases.  The purpose of industrial application of adsorbents is to selectively adsorb certain gas components so as to separate the gas mixture. Therefore, it is required that the selected adsorbent has a high selectivity to the gas to be adsorbed.

    3. Adsorption Capacity . The adsorption capacity of large adsorbent refers to the  activated alumina could adsorb large amount of harmful gas, moisture, fluoride or others at a certain temperature. There are many factors affecting the adsorption capacity, which include the surface size of the adsorbent, the size of the porosity and the rationality of the pore size distribution, as well as the polarity of the molecule and the nature of the functional groups on the adsorbent molecule. 0.5-1mm is special in catalyst carrier and defluotinating role.

The use of activated aluminium oxide:

1. petrochemical gas, liquid drying;

The textile industry, oxygen and automation instrument wind drying dehumidifying drying, daily necessities in addition to taste.

2, pressure swing adsorption of air separation unit, air compressor, vacuum drying machine, person who is special desiccant.

3, hydrogen peroxide

4, industrial water and drinking water fluoride agent, dearsenifying agent.

5,activated aluminium oxide can be used as catalyst carrier.


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