Activated Alumina Desiccant for Air Separation

Activated Alumina Desiccant for Air Separation

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Product Details

Details of Activated alumina desiccant for air separation:

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

CAS No.:1344-28-1

Other Names: Activated alumina desiccant


EINECS No.:215-691-6


Place of Origin: Zibo,Shandong, China (Mainland)

Type: Adsorbent, desiccant6

Usage: Petroleum Additives, dryer desiccant, air separation, PSA system, PTA system

Brand Name:XR

Model Number:XR101

Color:Pure White

Appearance:White sphere

Certification:ISO9001 SGS TSCA SDS

Keywords: xr activated alumina desiccant for air separation

Shape:Sphere & pellet/extrude


Bulk density:0.73-0.85 g/cm3

Crushing strength:180 N/particle

Surface area:350cm2/g min

Pore volume:≥0.43 cm3/g



XR Activated alumina desiccant for air separation is mainly used for molecular purifier adsorption method to adosrb moisture, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other hydrocarbons, and compressed air heat regeneration drying,

Activated alumina has much micro-paths, so the specific surface is large. It can be used as absorbent desiccant and catalyst carrier. It is also a kind of trace water desiccant and the pole-molecular absorbent, according to the absorbed molecular polarization, the attachment force is strong for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali etc..


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Pore volume, bulk density and surface area could be adjusted as your requirement.


The packages of XR activated alumina:

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Series of activated alumina

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The Workshop of XR activated alumina:

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