High Purity Pseudoboehmite Alumina

High Purity Pseudoboehmite Alumina

• Macropore volume • Most resistant to high temperature sintering • Most resistant to acid attack • Highest friability particles in calcined phase
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High purity Pseudoboehmite alumina Description:

High purity pseudoboehmite aluminas are supplied as loosely agglomerated, easily dispersed, spray-dried powders (about 50 microns mean diameter) possessing high-purity, high surface area and low bulk density. This family of aluminas(alumina monohydrates, AlOOH, and

bayerite, Al(OH)3) has been used assupports or binders for catalysts in

refinery and chemical processes.Recent developments in many other

applications have indicated these aluminas have applications in areas far

beyond catalysis. Each alumina particle is built from nominal 30 angstrom

(3.0 nm) crystallites through a unique acid-base precipitation process using a proprietary reactor configuration that allows control of density, particle morphology, colloidal dispersibility and thermal conversion processes. Typical Versal pseudoboehmite properties are

shown in the table below.

Now we are the only manufacturer for this high purity pseudoboehmite


UnitHigh purity   Pseudoboehmite
Fe2O3          %     ≤0.01    ≤0.01    
Na2O          %     ≤0.04≤0.05
SiO2  ≤0.02    ≤0.04
Particle sizeum10-5010-50
Bulk densityg/c㎡≥0.4≥0.4
Surface area㎡/g≥290≥290
Pore Volumeml/g0.45-0.55≥0.4
Dry basis%≥70≥70

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Production Line:

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Q: How many years do you produce pseudoboehmite?

A: Definitely speaking, it is about 10 years.

Q: Do you the only manufacturer in China for this high purity pseudoboehmite?

A: yes, it is.

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