Claus Catalyst

Claus Catalyst

Zibo Xiangrun and Shandong Bairui Professionally produce and supply claus catalyst and sulfur recovery catalyst. ​Sulfur recovery refers to a gas desulfurizing process, or Claus process, which recovers elemental sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide. The sulfur recovery catalyst ( Claus catalyst) recovers, in addition to the sulfur from the gaseous hydrogen sulfide found in raw natural gas, hydrogen sulfide that is contained in by-product gases and derived from refining crude oil and other industrial processes. Our PSR sulfur recovery catalyst(SRU Claus catalyst), with alumina or titania acting as the carrier, is made by adding promoter and caking agent. The catalyst is used in the Claus units for sulfur recovery from acidic gases containing H2S and organic sulfides like COS and CS2, with the total sulfur conversion rate up to 95% or even higher. The sulfur recovery catalyst (SRU Claus catalyst) is commonly applied in the oil refinery, fertilizer, natural gas, petrochemical industries, and others.
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Product Details

Table 1 Xiangrun PSR Series Sulfur Recovery Catalyst (SRU Claus catalyst)



Chemical Composition












Fe2O3/ Al2O3





Xiangrun and Bairui have the most extensive line of Claus catalysts in the industry. We offer titania catalysts along with an alumina/ titania composite catalyst, ferric oxide/alumina catalyst, co-mo/alumina and CuO2/alumina catalyst.

Features of Xiangrun line of SRU Claus Catalysts are:

●-Most comprehensive product line available from one provider

●-Maximum H2S, COS and CS2 conversion efficiency

●-Optimal catalyst for every stream and condition

●-High activity

●-High crush strength and chemical purity

●-Excellent technical support and service 


Efficiency of XIANGRUN-PSR Series Sulfur Recovery Catalysts(SRU Claus catalyst)


Processing   Type


Filling   Reaction

Total Sulfur   Conversion Rate (%)

Sulfide   Content in Tail Gas (%, V)


Claus(Grade 2)

PSR-1 Al2O3 PSR-1   Al2O3

First reactor   Second reactor



Basic type

Claus(Grade 2)

PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-1   Al2O3PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-1   Al2O3

First reactor   Second reactor



Economical   type

Claus(Grade 2)

PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-31   TiO2PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-31   TiO2

First reactor   Second reactor



Economical and   environment-friendly type

Claus(Grade 2)

PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-31   TiO2PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-31   TiO2PSR-31 TiO2

First reactor   Second reactor Third reactor



Environment-friendly   type


PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-1   Al2O3PSR-41 FeSO4/Al2O3 PSR-1   Al2O3PSR-51 Co-Mo/Al2O3

First reactor   Second reactor Third reactor



Standard type


●Note: mark of * refers to the calculation based on H2S content of 60 percent(ν) in acid gas and maximum sulfur conversion rate, as well as by means of the analyzer and detector with H2S/SO2 on-line proportion analysis and control. For the device for high-temperature thermal admix and grade-2 catalytic conversion, the filling volume of PSR-41 catalyst accounts for 1/3~1/2 the bed volume. In case that H2S content in acid gas is less than 40%(ν), the filling volume of PSR-41 catalyst shall account for 1/2~2/3 the bed volume, and the filling volume of PSR-31 catalyst shall account for 1/3~1/2 the bed volume.


As an experienced Chinese sulfur recovery catalyst manufacturer and supplier, Xiangrun is ISO9001:2000 approved due to its management in line with international standards. Quality is high priority for us at Xiangrun. To accomplish this, we train high quality technical personnel for specialized R&D to ensure reliability of our chemical products. Our high quality competitively chloride removal, adsorbent, and other products are now well received by customers from Britain, Germany, Iran, Jordan, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, and many others. If you have any inquiries, please contact us.


Deliver, packing, Shipping and Serving of claus catalyst:

●10-15 working days since payment receipt

●25kg/paper drum, 150kg/steel drum. The all could add wooden pallets, non-fumigation pallets and plastic pallets as your requirement.







Q: Do you produce claus catalyst titania?

A: claus catalyst titania is our product.

Q: Are you claus catalyst cupplier?

A: Yes, we are claus catalyst supplier and producer.

Q: Claus catalyst titania is the same as tio2 claus catalyst, right?

A: yes. It is the same product. TiO2 content could be 5% or 85% or others.