The Heart Of The Alumina Manufacturers - Shandong Bairui And Zibo Xiangrun

- Apr 02, 2018-

Shandong Bairui Chemicals and Zibo Xiangrun Group mainly produce alumina products, including activated alumina series, pseudo-boehmite, polished alumina powder, activated alumina powder, gamma alumina, catalyst carrier and so on.

Small products also have large markets

Although the alumina is small, it is widely used in power plants, steel, cement, petrochemical and other industries. He is like an indispensable part of materials and equipment and produces qualified products. For example, activated alumina, Zibo Xiangrun's activated alumina has a large hardness, a small amount of powder, a large pore volume, and a large table to ensure the normal operation of the dryer.

Other people's alumina

There is a kind of child, called the children's family's children; there is a kind of alumina powder called Bairu alumina powder. Shandong Bairui Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of alumina powder and alumina catalysts and carriers. The products have high purity, high performance and other advantages. They are widely used in building sanitary ceramics, non-metallic minerals, refractory materials, cement, steel, chemical industry, etc. Coatings, papermaking, pharmaceutical and thermal power plants and other industries are well received by users.

Good product speaks

With professional products, first-class service and deep love for this industry, Shandong Brilliance and Zibo Xiangrun stand out among their competitors and become leaders in the alumina field. Products are exported to all regions of the country and exported to the United States, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and other countries.

The era of customization

Although the materials are good, they must be craftsmen to make them work. Various equipments are widely used. The uniform production of alumina products often fails to match the equipment, leading to production loopholes. In this era of advocating personalized customization, alumina companies naturally have to follow demand.

As a leader in the field of alumina and activated alumina, Shandong Brilliance and Zibo Xiangrun provide tailored services and specialized technical teams to select the right active alumina and alumina based on actual production conditions. Products, provide a complete set of services, allowing you to buy rest assured, comfortable.