The Activated Alumina Customer Pay On The Spot.

- Apr 02, 2018-

In last Saturday, Our customer Mr. Li and Mr. Gao  from Fujian province came to our company to check our XR101 activated alumina. After seeing the actual material, they paid cash on the spot.

Its purchasing  process is that: Some time ago, Mr. Li found activated alumina from Shandong Bairui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. on the Internet. Mr. Li uses activated alumina in the  regenerated dryers. After detailed communication with the customer, we offed a price to the customer. The customer said that the price was acceptable, just do not know how its quality is. The customer said that the actived alumina he had bought before, the seller is also a pledge to ensure the quality, but the use of results is not good, with more powder or low adsorption, low hardness, dew point can not reach. Now he was worried about them. The customer asked us if we could prepare the goods for test in this order, Then they same here to check if it is acceptance. If there were no problems, they would pay for the goods on the spot. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of activated alumina, of course, there is no problem for such requirements of customers, and our activated alumina is also in stock. As long as customers come, we can test at any time.

This does not, the customer is very satisfied with our activated alumina desiccant and pays for delivery on the spot. After all, we have many years of experience in the production of activated alumina and the quality is impeccable.