Newly-developed Copper Oxide Desulfurizer Has Been Successfully Developed

- Mar 22, 2018-

Copper oxide desulfurizers are prepared from metal oxides and have relatively high activity in our company. 

Regardless of safety, environment, or economic considerations, hydrogen sulfide must be removed. 

Hydrogen sulfide removal methods are usually dry and wet methods. The wet desulfurization method has the advantages of low running cost and large processing capacity, but the equipment investment is high and the process is more complicated. The dry removal of hydrogen sulfide in coal gas has the advantages of high desulfurization precision, simple process, and convenient operation and maintenance. It is especially suitable for applications where the gas volume is large and the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is low. In order to make the desulfurization process run smoothly, copper oxide desulfurization agents with moderate reactivity are generally sought to ensure that the desulfurization process does not generate a fly-temperature phenomenon. 

Copper oxide has moderate activity and is suitable for applications where the desulfurization reaction temperature is high, but copper oxide itself is difficult to directly produce desulfurizer. The company's newly developed copper oxide desulfurizer has good desulfurization effect, long service life, and low operating cost. This cooper oxide desulfurizers could do Regeneration.

copper oxide desulurizer