How To Make Activated Aluminum Powder

- Mar 15, 2018-

How to make activated alumina powder? What is activated alumina? In here, we will simply introduce it.

There are two kinds of raw materials for activated alumina, one is "quick desulphurization" produced from gibbsite or Bayer stone, and the other one is pseudoboehmite produced from aluminate or aluminum salt or both.  

Alumina is the main raw material for the production of activated alumina balls, abbreviated as FCA abroad, because it is a kind of alumina powder produced by rapid dehydration method, so it is called “quick desulphurization”"rho alumina powder. “Fast deinking” is a mixture of alumina and rho-alumina, and varies in content due to differences in production conditions. The key to the technology of alumina is rapid dehydration, usually carried out in a fluidized bed reactor, where the bed temperature is controlled by combustion gases or liquids. Using a cone reactor, dry, crushed aluminum hydroxide was added laterally and flash-roasted in a rapid dehydration oven for 0.1 to 1 s to obtain a mixture of alumina. 

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