Alumina Powder Properties

- Jan 30, 2018-


1. Nano-alumina transparent liquid XZ-LY101 transparent, high content. No precipitation without delamination.

2. Nano-alumina transparent liquid XZ-LY101 has an aqueous liquid, oily liquid, which can be alcohols, ethers, ketones liquid. All are transparent, well compatible.

3, nano-alumina transparent liquid XZ-LY101 PH = 7.0 but the specific ph value can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Adjusting the ph value has no effect on the liquid.

4, nano-alumina transparent liquid XZ-LY101 high hardness, good dimensional stability, can be widely used in various plastic, rubber, ceramics, refractories and other products to enhance the toughening

5, nano-alumina transparent liquid XZ-LY101 improve the compactness of ceramics, finish, hot and cold fatigue, fracture toughness, creep resistance and wear resistance of the polymer material products is particularly significant

6, nano-alumina transparent liquid XZ-LY101 is a far-infrared emission materials with excellent performance, as far-infrared emission and insulation materials are used in chemical fiber products and high-pressure sodium lamp. In addition, alumina has high resistivity and good insulation properties, which can be applied to the main components of YGA laser crystal and the integrated circuit substrate

7, to improve UV-curable coatings scratch resistance and durability, these UV-curable coatings are widely used in areas that require a high degree of wear-resistant, such as plastic flooring