XR Alumina polishing powder application

- Mar 12, 2018-

Xiangrun Alumina Powders are accurately controlled for all specifications and particle size distribution, assuring the best polishing results. These micron sizes are available: 0.05, 0.3, and 1.0. These sizes of alumina polishing powder could satisfy your application.  The result is fast polishing and improved quality of the finished products.

The application of alumina polishing powder:

  • Precision Optics

  • Metallographic Sections

  • Electro-Optical Crystals

  • Silicone Wafers

  • Ferrite Components

  • Gem Stones

  • Acrylic lenses

  • .Bonded abrasives and      coated abrasives

  • floor/wall      laminated

  • Thermal      spraying(plasma spraying)

  • lapping      & micro-blasting applications

  • optical      glass polishing

  • metal, stainless      steel,bronze, aluminium etc with good cutting effect