What is the function of pseudo-boehmite? Where is it generally used?

- Jan 18, 2021-

Pseudo-boehmite is an alumina crystal. It is a crystalline phase formed in the synthesis of aluminum hydroxide. It is the transition state of aluminum hydroxide. Its crystal is incomplete, and the typical crystal shape is a thin folded sheet. Since the pore structure of pseudo-boehmite is also closely related to the preparation process, the physical properties of the products obtained by different methods are very different. For example, pseudo-boehmite prepared by nitric acid method has the characteristics of narrow pore size distribution; alkali precipitation method can be used to prepare γ-Al2O3 carrier with large pores and large specific area under suitable neutralization conditions; and NaAlO2-CO2 method can Pseudo-boehmite with relatively wide pore size distribution is obtained.

Compared with aluminum hydroxide, pseudo-boehmite has incomplete crystalline water molecules and has many special properties. For example, pseudo-boehmite molecules have a spatial network structure, large pores, specific surface area, and viscous colloidal substances in acid environments. Thixotropy and so on. All these characteristics make pseudo-boehmite have completely different uses for aluminum hydroxide.

It can be used as a binder for semi-synthetic rare earth Y-type zeolite cracking catalysts, aluminosilicate refractory fiber binders, alcohol dehydration ethylene catalysts, ethane deoxygenation catalysts, etc., can also be used as catalyst carriers, activated alumina and other aluminum salts raw material. The product γ-Al2O3 is widely used as catalyst carrier, catalyst, adsorbent, etc. after being calcined at 400-700℃; after calcination at 1100-1200℃, nano α-Al2O3 can be obtained, which is widely used as paint additive, high-grade ceramics, petrochemical industry High-efficiency catalysts, submicron/nano abrasive materials and polishing materials, cosmetic fillers and inorganic membrane materials, etc., are a new type of material with broad development prospects.

1. Pseudo-boehmite product description: This product is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless. The wet product is white colloid, the dry powder is white powder, the pore size distribution is uniform, the volume is large, and the water absorption is good. High radial purity, good molding performance, and thixotropic gel characteristics. The product has good dispersibility, easy to dissolve in strong acid and strong alkali solution, and good molding performance.

2. Packaging and storage of pseudo-boehmite: pseudo-boehmite is packed in woven bags. Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry warehouse.

3. The main uses of pseudo-boehmite:

This product is mainly used as the raw material of catalyst carrier activated alumina, such as the raw material of hydrogenation catalyst, the carrier of hydrogenation catalyst and oxychlorination catalyst.

It can also be used as a forming binder for zeolite and silicate refractory fiber products, such as a binder for semi-synthetic rare earth Y-type zeolite cracking catalysts.

This product is a good raw material for the production of various aluminum salts. After forming, it can be used as desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier of different shapes.

1. Optimizing the selection of process equipment and using high-efficiency fixed-chamber vacuum belt filter for washing and filtering is the key to reducing the consumption of new water for producing pseudo-boehmite.

2. The third lotion is used for the ingredients of sodium aluminate solution to reduce the external discharge and improve the utilization efficiency of fresh water. It is an important measure to reduce new water consumption.

3. Appropriately increasing the temperature of washing hot water in production, formulating a reasonable process system, and adopting a staged cooling system are the main ways to reduce new water consumption.

Pseudo-boehmite is a kind of pseudo-boehmite with incomplete colloidal crystals. Products 1, non-toxic, 2, tasteless, 3, odorless, 4, high crystal phase purity, 5, good peptizing performance, 6, strong adhesion, 7, with the characteristics of thixotropic gel. Pseudo-boehmite can be widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, silicate products and environmental protection industries.