What are the required technical data of activated alumina balls? how to distinguish the quality good or bad!

- Apr 02, 2019-

The identification method of the quality of activated alumina balls is summarized as follows:

1. the strength test of activated alumina balls. In the use of the whole activated alumina ball, its own strength is a relatively important indicator. Under normal circumstances, its own strength should reach 85 or more. Only when this index is reached, the activated alumina ball can reach the normal service life, otherwise the service life is very short.

2. the detection of the appearance of activated alumina spheres. A certain crushing rate is allowed in the product, but the breaking rate should be controlled below 1%, and the general product breaking rate is about 0.6%. If the breaking rate is too high, the use of the entire air compressor will cause Certain influence.

3. The specifications of the activated alumina balls should be uniform.

4. The dust. The lower dust, the better performance.

5. Pore volume. The bigger pore volume, the better performance.

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