The Factors for Selecting Active Alumina Carriers

- Apr 24, 2018-

The factors for choosing an actived alumina carrier are mainly four points:

1. Reducing the production cost of active alumina carriers: By taking advantage of the sintering process to produce alumina, we will improve and optimize the preparation process of the pseudo-alumino method and its series of products from the carbonization process, and produce active alumina carriers with different properties. Reduce its processing costs and expand its scope of use.

2. Development of active alumina carrier with large pore volume: Recent data show that the development of large pore volume actived alumina carrier has become a development trend at home and abroad. Studies have shown that catalysts made from large pore volume carriers have high catalytic activity, selectivity, and conversion rate relative to small pore volume support products. Therefore, the development of large pore volume active alumina carriers is the future direction of development.

activated alumina carrier for catalyst.jpg

3. Develop active aluminum oxide carriers with reasonable pore size distribution: From a microscopic point of view, the catalytic reaction is mainly achieved through the developed internal surface of the carrier, ie, the reaction proceeds on the walls of the pores of the carrier, and the catalytic reaction must be carried out completely. To make the molecules of the raw material gas easily enter the mesopores from the macropore and then enter the pores, the molecules of the product after the reaction proceed from the pores and the mesopores to the macropores, and then the products diffuse from the macropores to the particles of the catalyst. Therefore, the larger the pore volume is, the better the active alumina carrier should be. Therefore, an active alumina carrier with reasonable pore distribution should be developed to increase the selectivity and the conversion rate in the catalytic process.

4. To increase the use intensity of active alumina carrier: The strength index is very important for the active alumina carrier in practical use. Whether it is loaded into the reaction tank or the absorption tower, the poor strength of the carrier will cause the catalyst to pulverize and clog the reaction pipeline. Carrier recycling efficiency, while the pursuit of large hole capacity, we must pay attention to improve the mechanical strength of the carrier.

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