The alumina polishing powder for resin lens

- Jul 20, 2018-

What type of polishing powder is used for resin lens polishing? Where can I buy it? Our company professionally produce the alumina polishing powder for resin lens.

The 0.3um polishing powder produced by our company can be used for stainless steel mirror polishing, titanium polishing, cast iron polishing, aluminum mirror polishing, stone mirror polishing, metallographic polishing, paint polishing, resin polishing, PCB circuit board polishing, glass. Polishing, optical glass, lens polishing, resin lens polishing, fast polishing, good brightness, no scratches.

The features:

Shandong Bairui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-purity white powder that meets the needs of the market and adopts a unique production process and utilizes advanced production equipment at home and abroad to produce a high-purity white powder through a rigorous production process. The following superior performance:

1. The crystal phase is stable, the hardness is high, the particles are small and the distribution is uniform;

2. Strong grinding force, fast polishing, bright luminosity and good mirror effect;

3, high grinding efficiency, good polishing effect, high surface finish, strong cutting force, fast light, can throw a uniform and bright Xingze.

The application of polishing powder

1, artificial gemstones, zircon, glass, natural gemstones, jade, jade, agate,

2, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron and other metal products mirror polishing.

4, stone, marble, granite surface mirror polishing.

5, paint mirror polishing, resin polishing, etc.

6, metallographic analysis

7, optical polishing



The recommended dosage is 8-20%, and the slurry is adjusted and polished. The user should determine the optimal amount to be added according to different systems.