Low sodium alumina powder factory's production

- May 09, 2020-

Low-sodium high-temperature alumina is processed by high temperature in tunnel kiln. The saggar is filled with raw material low-sodium alumina powder. The calcination temperature of Low sodium alumina powder is above 1450 ° C and the temperature is kept for more than 12 hours. Special additives are added to discharge sodium through high temperature and additives. Control the sodium oxide content in high temperature alumina products.

Low-sodium high-temperature alumina has the advantages of high alpha phase conversion rate, high hardness, low sodium content, high purity, stable thermal performance, low shrinkage, high density of porcelain, good electrical insulation, and high thermal conductivity. Especially suitable for the production of more than 92% corundum and ceramic products, especially 95% alumina porcelain. Low sodium alumina powder is widely used in water valve plates, sealing rings, ceramic materials, textile machinery and other wear-resistant ceramics. Low-sodium high-temperature alumina is also used in spark plugs, Electronic ceramics such as vacuum electron tube shells have high strength and wear resistance.

Low sodium high temperature alumina powder uses: 

1. Electronic vacuum tube shell, spark plug and other electronic ceramics. 2. Wear-resistant ceramics such as paper-making machinery, sealing rings, textile machinery, etc. 3. High temperature materials such as alumina crucible and porcelain tube. 4. High frequency insulating porcelain, LCD substrate glass, ceramic glaze, etc.

alumina powder of tunnel kiln