How to storage activated alumina

- Nov 16, 2020-

Activated alumina can be used as a desiccant, adsorbent, fluoride removal agent, etc. In many places in our daily life, activated alumina desiccant is used to purify and dry air. The alumina content of the activated alumina desiccant is above 92%, and the performance is very stable. It is suitable for the gas drying and purification of air compressors, suction dryers, and refrigerators. Today, our XR and Bairui activated alumina manufacturer will explain how to store activated alumina? 

Activated alumina desiccant is an adsorbent with better effect. It has good instantaneous adsorption capacity, and has the advantages of not being powdered, not broken, and not soft after absorbing water, and it is also insoluble in acid and alkali solvents. Because of its better characteristics, it is widely used. However, it is precisely because of these characteristics that determine its storage conditions, so what should be paid attention to when storing activated alumina desiccant?

 It should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent the inner and outer packaging bags from breaking. Activated alumina ball desiccant should not be dragged with iron hooks during the transportation process to avoid damage to the package. 

Do not mix with hard substances during the bagging process. It should be kept away from toxic and harmful gases or volatile substances, and kept away from pollution sources. Pay attention to prevent moisture and adsorption of other substances in the air, which will affect the use of activated alumina desiccant. 

There should be no strong vibration, friction, stepping, or smashing. Throwing is strictly prohibited. It should be lightly loaded and unloaded to reduce the crushing of the alumina ball and ensure the use effect.

XR Activated alumina ball has selective adsorption ability for gas, water vapor and moisture of some liquids, and it can be revived by heating at about 175-315°C to remove water after the adsorption is saturated, and realize repeated use. So this is also its characteristic, it can be said to be a special place, so its storage method is different, so everyone stores the material according to the above method to protect its performance so as not to affect the use effect. The particle size of activated alumina used for dry adsorption is 3-5mm. This type of activated alumina has uniform particle size, abundant void structure, long service life and good adsorption effect.