How to remove fluoride with activated alumina

- Nov 24, 2020-

Activated alumina has many functions, such as activated alumina desiccant, activated alumina adsorbent, activated alumina catalyst, activated alumina defluorinating agent and so on. In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, the technology of activated alumina has advanced, and the production process of activated alumina has been continuously improved. The quality of activated alumina has become more and more stable. 

We have some areas where the fluorine content in the groundwater exceeds the standard. This water quality cannot be drunk for a long time. Long-term drinking will cause damage to our body. Therefore, we must first treat the fluorine in the water when using it. At present, my country's fluoride removal technology has not changed much, and activated alumina is still used to remove fluoride, which is also a mature water purification process. Today we will learn how to remove fluoride by activated alumina? 

Activated alumina is white pellets, with large fluorine removal capacity, good physical properties, high strength, non-toxic and odorless, soaking in water, does not become soft, does not expand, does not break, is completely reliable in use, and it is easy to regenerate. It has a long life and oxidized The purified water after aluminum defluoridation can meet the national sanitary standards for drinking water, and has a significant defluoridation effect. It can be used for defluoridation in drinking water or in other industrial installations.

    1. It can be used continuously for 2-4 years. When the surface appears brown, the fluorine removal effect is significantly reduced. Because of the impurities caused by pollution, it is treated with 3% dilute hydrochloric acid every six months, operation method and regeneration method.

    2. The method for removing fluoride from raw water with defluorinating agent. Before the raw water is contacted and filtered, the PH value should be lowered. The lower value should be reduced by adding acidic solutions such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid or carbon dioxide gas through the raw water. The dosage should be based on the raw water. Alkalinity and PH value are calculated or determined by experiment.

    3. Activated alumina fluoride removal agent is used in conjunction with household fluoride removal tank. The built-in wha-104 is changed to 1.6 kg of water to reduce fluoride. The water is from above and below. The fluorine removal tank is simple to operate and easy to use. It is suitable for families who remove fluorine in drinking water. 

    4. The filtering speed of the filter can be used in the following two ways: when the pH value of the inlet water is greater than 7, the intermittent operation mode, the design speed of the filter, 4-6 hours continuous operation, intermittent 4-6X.

    5. When the pH value of the inlet water is less than 7, the continuous operation mode can be used, and the filtration speed is 6 meters/hour. The flow rate of the raw water through the filter layer can be bottom-up.

    6. Activation of fluoride removal agent for household fluoride removal device: configuration of aluminum sulfate solution (3 liters of water and 0.3kg solid aluminum sulfate), soak in the solution of pure aluminum oxide fluoride removal agent for 5-10 hours (soak properly The mixture) and then rinse 3-5 times with 2 liters of water each time.

    7. Regenerative household of defluorinating agent: soak in aluminum sulfate solution and activation solution with the solution of regenerated alumina defluorinating agent for 30 hours, discard the soaking (soak to a proper mixture) and rinse 3-5 times, each time about 2 Liter of water or use the PH method to regenerate the pH, control it at 7.5.