How to improve the viscosity of boehmite as binder

- Mar 05, 2019-

In catalyst, people always add boehmite as binder, but it is not good result with water.  You could add acid to  improve the viscosity of boehmite as binder

Weight ratio

Pseudo-boehmite: dilute nitric acid (1 part 64% nitric acid: 5 parts water, volume ratio): Tianjing powder = 100:40:3-4

Screening Tian Jing powder + pseudo-boehmite (at least 80 mesh, of course, the finer the better, but it is very difficult to sieve, hehe)

Add nitric acid, add it slowly, add it while using a small stick (see how big you are, this concentration of nitric acid is not a problem with your hands). Stir well, knead

Squeeze the strip first, then mix the strips together, cover them with a wet towel, and “wake up” for a while like a noodle. After about 30 minutes, first use your dough to live like a face for a while (because Boehmite and thixotropy after acid dissolution, this process is very important), until the live dough is soft and not very sticky, It is all ready.