How to choose high quality Alumina polishing powder for marble

- Jan 04, 2019-

Whether the marble can be polished depends not only on the particle size of the polishing powder, but also on the morphology, hardness and other factors of the polishing powder. XR and BR alumina polishing powder is a spherical-like polishing powder with an average particle size of 0.3um, 0.5um, 1um and high crystallinity. It is used for polishing marble mirrors.

Alumina Polishing powder requires high hardness and particle size.

 Application of alumina polishing powder:

●artificial gems, zircon, glass, natural stones, jade, jade, agate, and other vibration polishing (machine polishing, rolling polishing), manual polishing (grinding and polishing) and so on.

●aluminum, copper, stainless steel, stone, glass, wall tiles and other grinding and polishing.

●metal surface polishing.

Polishing, polishing, paint surface, acrylic, stainless steel mirror, non-ferrous metal, jade, marble, granite, crystal, liquid crystal glass and optical glass surface polishing.

●car paint polishing, cell phone case paint polishing.

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