How to change active alumina desiccant in air dryer

- Aug 07, 2020-

1. Tasks

  Replace the alumina balls in the A and B tanks of the adsorption compressed air dryer.

2. Preparation before construction

1. Cut off the working power of the heat dryer.

2. Close the valve of the compressed air import and export equipment to release the pressure of the compressed air in the A and B tanks

    Is 0.

Three, construction steps and methods

1. Check that the power supply of the dryer is in the off position.

2. Check that the pressure of compressed air in tank A and B is 0.

3. Take out the screw plug flanges of the feeding port and the discharging port from the A tank, and discharge the failed alumina ball suction

    Adhesive agent, put a container at the bottom of the alumina ball adsorbent that has failed.

4. Install the screw plug flange of the discharge port.

5. Fill with new alumina ball adsorbent, as much as possible, and compact the alumina ball adsorption


6. Install the screw plug flange of the feeding port.

7. Repeat the above process in tank B.

activated alumina