How does the use of pseudo-boehmite as a catalyst produce chemical reactions?

- Jan 27, 2021-

Pseudo-boehmite as a catalyst must participate in the reaction to change the reaction rate, but in the end the quality and chemical properties of the catalyst have not changed, and there must be some changes in physical properties.

The catalyst participates in the reaction, changes the way of the reaction, and reduces the energy required for the reaction (that is, the activation energy), so the reaction rate can be changed.

When the pseudo-boehmite promoter is a small amount of substance added to the catalyst, it is an auxiliary component of the catalyst, and it has no activity or low activity, but after they are added to the catalyst, it can change the chemical composition, chemical structure, and Ionic valence, lattice structure, surface structure, pore structure, dispersion state, mechanical strength, etc., thereby improving the activity, selectivity, stability and life of the catalyst

Catalytic reactions have four basic characteristics:

(1) Catalysts can only accelerate reactions that can be carried out thermodynamically. When a new chemical reaction catalyst is required to be developed, the reaction must first be thermodynamically analyzed to see if it is a thermodynamically feasible reaction.

(2) The catalyst can only accelerate the reaction towards equilibrium, and cannot change the equilibrium position of the reaction.

(3) The catalyst is selective to the reaction. When the reaction may have more than one different direction, pseudo-boehmite is used as a catalyst to accelerate only one of them, so that the reaction rate and selectivity are unified.

(4) The life of the catalyst. The catalyst can change the chemical reaction rate, and it does not enter the reaction by itself, and the catalyst is not changed by the reaction under ideal conditions. However, in the actual reaction process, the catalyst will undergo some irreversible physical and chemical changes due to long-term heat and chemical action.

Summary: Pseudo-boehmite is used as a catalyst to react in chemical rate and change physical properties. It changes the way of reaction, making pseudo-boehmite be added as a catalyst and act as a catalyst carrier.