High Purity Pseudo Boehmite As Raw Materials For Production Of Catalyst Carrier

- Jun 26, 2018-

High-purity pseudo-boehmite is a precursor to the catalyst carrier alumina. The grain size, purity, and morphology of pseudo-boehmite have important effects on the pore volume, pore distribution, specific surface area, and stability of alumina. 

The pseudo-boehmite is mainly prepared by three methods: acid method, alkali method and aluminum alcohol method. 

At present, an alkaline method, namely carbonization method, is often used to produce pseudo-boehmite. The complex phases such as Bayer, Norite, and gibbsite produced in the preparation process are not easily removed, and it is difficult to obtain a high purity of the crystal phase. Boehmite. 

The pseudoboehmite prepared by the acid method has the disadvantage of low crystallinity, and both of these methods have high impurity content and discharge of three wastes. 

The aluminum alcohol method is a method for obtaining pseudo-boehmite through hydrolysis and aging of aluminum alkoxide. This method is relatively easy to obtain pseudo-boehmite of a single crystal phase, and the impurity content is low.

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