What is Alumina polishing powder

- Aug 07, 2018-

The main component of alumina polishing powder is α-Al2O3 powder which has been calcined at high temperature, and contains dispersant, suspending agent, lubricant, emulsifier, etc. It is mainly used in tableware industry, stainless steel polishing,  jewelry industry, auto parts, optical lens, machine electrical parts, etc. Dealing with the industry.

The main component of alumina polishing powder is α-Al2O3. It also contains auxiliary components such as dispersant, suspending agent, lubricant and emulsifier. It is widely used in machine preparation, optical processing, jewelry processing, automobile repair and maintenance.

Ingredients: Alumina polishing powder, the main component is α-Al2O3 powder which has been calcined at high temperature.

Uses: Mainly used in the tableware industry, jewelry industry, auto parts, optical lenses, machine electrical accessories and other industries that require surface treatment.

Crystal hardness: The calcination temperature of the prepared alumina polishing powder is high, generally above 1600, so as to ensure the product has good hardness.

The size and shape of the single crystal: the size of the single crystal determines the thickness of the surface of the polished product, and it is not easy to clear. Round or elliptical crystals are easy to throw black light, diamond crystals are easy to throw yellow and white light, and sheet or flocculent crystals have poor grinding power and are not easy to emit light.

Average particle size and distribution: Different polishing processes are determined according to the average particle size. Generally, the particle size of 20-45μm is used in the rough polishing process, 4-20μm, the particle size is used in the middle polishing process, and the particle size is 1-4μm. The polishing process is used for mirror polishing at 1 μm or less. The narrower the particle size distribution, the higher the polishing efficiency.

Status: At present, the high-grade alumina polishing powder used in China is mainly imported, and the imported powder is generally processed by airflow grinding. The physical and chemical indicators of the powder are relatively stable. Domestic alumina polishing powder manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Henan, Shandong, Guangdong and other regions. At present, the main domestic manufacturers include Yudong Mineral Products Co., Ltd., Yuechang Abrasives Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers.


The quality factors determining the alumina polishing powder mainly include the fine powder particle size distribution and the particle low-light morphology.

The maximum particle size in the particles determines the polishing accuracy of the polishing powder, and the average particle size of the particles determines the polishing rate of the polishing powder.

The particle morphology of the alumina micropowder affects the roughness and polishing defects of the polished surface. The smooth surface of the particles is not prone to scratches, and the surface finish after polishing is high; the angular particles are easily scratched.