alumina activated dessicant 2-5 mm

- Sep 17, 2020-

Alumina activated dessicant for air compressor

The air compressor uses activated alumina adsorbent to adsorb the moisture in the air to achieve the effect of drying the air. Commonly used adsorbents include silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieves. Among them, activated alumina has strong adsorption capacity, stability, does not deliquesce when encountering water, and has the characteristics of high crushing strength and abrasion resistance, and is widely used in various adsorption dryers.

Activated alumina belongs to the category of chemical alumina. It is mainly used in adsorbents, water purifiers, catalysts and catalyst carriers. According to different uses, its raw materials and preparation methods are different. Activated alumina is a white spherical substance, produced by a special process. Because of its unique skeleton structure, it has a strong affinity with active components. The product has uniform micropore distribution, appropriate pore size, large pore volume, high water absorption, and low bulk density. It has good mechanical properties and good stability. It is suitable for desiccant, catalyst carrier, fluoride removal agent and pressure swing adsorbent.

Activated alumina is used as an adsorbent, and choosing a lower adsorption temperature is more conducive to performance. In addition, the adsorption or repelling function of the activated alumina dry adsorbent molecular sieve is affected by the electrical properties of the molecules. The synthetic activated alumina dry adsorbent molecular sieve has the special function of selective adsorption according to the size and polarity of the molecule, so it can dry or purify gas or liquid, which is also the basis for the separation of activated alumina dry adsorbent molecular sieve .

Heatless dryer activated alumina dessicant

Note: The particle size of 1-12mm can be produced according to customer requirements.

Precautions for using activated alumina desiccant:

1. Do not open the packaging bag before use, so as not to absorb moisture and affect the use effect.

2. This product is suitable for deep drying, and the use condition is that the pressure is greater than 5kg/cm2.

3. After the product is used for a certain period of time, the adsorption performance will gradually decrease, so the adsorbed water should be removed by regeneration for repeated use. Regeneration conditions: In air or inert gas, keep it at a temperature of 120-240℃ for 3 hours.

Activated alumina product packaging:

1. This product is made of polypropylene woven bag lined with a layer of vinyl film, with a net weight of 25kg, and special packaging will be ordered separately.

2. This product must be stored in a dry place, waterproof and moisture-proof. Never contact with water or steam.