Adsorbent - activated carbon

- Jan 30, 2018-

Is charcoal, nutshell, coal and other carbon materials by carbonization, made of activated. Activation methods can be divided into two categories, namely, drug activation and gas activation. Pharmacy activation method is to add chemicals such as zinc chloride, potassium sulfide and other chemicals in the raw material, heating in an inert atmosphere for carbonization and activation. The gas activation method is to heat the raw material of activated carbon in an inert atmosphere. The volatile components are usually removed at a temperature of 700 ° C or lower and then steam, carbon dioxide, flue gas, air and the like are passed through and the reaction is carried out at a temperature in the range of 700 to 1200 ° C It is activated. Activated carbon contains many capillary structures so has excellent adsorption capacity. Therefore, it uses throughout the water treatment, bleaching, gas adsorption and other aspects.