Activated Alumina Rho Powder

- May 09, 2020-

Activated alumina ρ-alumina powder is a type of alumina transition phase, its main crystal phase is ρ alumina machine, and its main component is AL2O3. Activated Alumina Rho Powder is obtained by rapid dehydration of aluminum hydroxide through suspension roasting and rapid cooling. Generally, the specific surface area is more than 240 square meters / gram, so it has strong activity and water absorption performance, and has certain hydration activity. Activated alumina is alumina with adsorption performance, catalytic activity, porosity, high dispersion and large specific surface area. Activated alumina spheres are divided into γ-type and χ-ρ-type according to the internal main crystal composition, and can be divided into activated alumina sphere adsorbent, activated alumina sphere desiccant and activated alumina sphere catalyst carrier according to their use.

Activated Alumina Rho Powder Uses: 

1. It can replace pure calcium aluminate cement as a binder for high-grade indefinite refractory castables, and can also replace silicon fine powder and ultra-fine alumina powder, as a binder and binder for high-grade corundum products. 2. Can be used as adsorbent, water absorbent and activated alumina carrier, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, health and other industries.