Activated alumina pellets life

- Oct 19, 2018-

Usually, the activated alumina pellets life is 2 years. If long time storage, please heat them at 280-350℃ to heat them for the better performance.

How to improve the activated alumina pellets life? Zibo Xiangrun Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd and Shandong Bairui Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd offer some suggestion to improve activated alumina life in here.

  1. Control the concentration of the K2CO3 solution in the drying tower between 1.3g/L and 1.4g/L. This requires us to control the concentration of alkali and steam alkali in the case of alkali or steam. The long-term use of dilute alkali solution should be replaced in time to reduce the phosphate content in the K2CO3 solution and reduce the consumption of activated alumina.   

  2. The temperature of the drying tower is controlled at 40-55 °C during normal production. In the production process, the working fluid in the post-treatment process is the lowest temperature in each process, and the regeneration temperature of the clay bed is usually only 40 °C. Especially in the initial stage of driving, the temperature of the drying tower is low. In order to prevent alkali, we need to preheat the working fluid in the working fluid circulation process in advance, and gradually increase the temperature of the drying tower. This is especially true in winter. In addition, the regeneration of the working fluid in the activated alumina, the temperature rises, the regeneration effect is obvious.

  3. Control the operation of the extraction process, especially to control the H2O2 content in the raffinate to make it lower than 0.3g/L, thus reducing the burden on the drying tower and causing the subtraction of the working fluid caused by the drying tower. Greatly reduced. At the same time, reduce the amount of H2O2 entering the clay bed;

  4. According to the requirements, the interface of the drying tower is controlled at 1/3-2/3, and the stable operation prevents fluctuations in the interface of the drying tower to prevent alkali.

  5. Strictly control many factors affecting the chemical reaction in the hydrogenation and oxidation processes, minimize the formation of degradants, reduce the regeneration burden of activated alumina in the clay bed, and prolong the service life of activated alumina.

  6. Strictly control the activation of alumina. It is required that the activated alumina will not be soft or pulverized in water, K2CO3 solution and working fluid for a long time, which is the prerequisite for its normal function. If the strength is insufficient or pulverized after soaking, the dust will be brought to other processes, which will have adverse consequences, which may cause the hydrogenation catalyst activity to decrease, the oxidation yield to decrease, the extraction tower liquid to flood, and the like, which seriously threatens the production safety.

activated alumina pellets


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