Activated alumina in air dryers

- Jul 09, 2018-

Activated alumina XR101 has high surface area(345-380m2/g), so it has higher water adsorption. Zibo Xiangrun produce and supply high quality activated alumina in air dryers. XR101 activated alumina is special for thermal swing adsorption process, oil filtration, air & gas drying process, heatless air dryers. Get effective moisture adsorption results from the air for a long time with regeneration process.

Regeneration of activated alumina XR101:

When the activated alumina adsorbent bed is saturated, it is not effective and we must do the regeneration. This is normally done by passing a gas stream at 185-250°C. The actual temperature is set according to the design of the unit.

Along with the loss of heat, the  temperature in outlet should always be lower than the inlet during heating. If temperature in outlet increases above the inlet, please stop the heating immediately. It means that a heat-releasing reaction will occur. Close the inlet and outlet valves to the vessel being heated, depressurize it to the flare, and purge it with nitrogen.

During regeneration, the alumina bed may be as hot as 260°C. Always check the temperaturen of  cooling outlet after regeneration, ensure the bed is cool before exposing it to the feed stream. It can stay hot for weeks if a shutdown occurs before the bed has been completely cooled. For systems with automatic switching, always check following a shutdown to ensure that a hot bed is not switched from cooling prematurely.


If there are any questions about activated alumina desiccant, please let us know.