activated alumina desiccant for air separation

- Oct 16, 2018-

Activated alumina desiccant for air separation is a role of activated alumina. 

Activated Alumina 

1, Product Use and Properties Activated alumina is widely used in six categories: 1 hydrocarbon gas and natural gas, petroleum cracking gas adsorbent; 2 drinking water and industrial water defluoridation agent; The special conversion agent for producing hydrogen peroxide; 4 liquid dechlorination agents such as various gases and viscous resins; 5 is used as a special desiccant for various catalyst carriers 6 air separation and oxygen production industry. It is also used in dryers, transformer oil decolorization, sulfur recovery catalysts and catalyst carriers, main catalysts and carriers in petroleum smelting and petrochemicals, as well as dehumidifying agents for air and other gases, transformer oils and turbine oils. Sour.

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