Activated alumina beads price

- Oct 19, 2018-

What is the price of activated alumina? In these two years, the price of activated alumina increase too crazily like rocket, no down. The main reason is the material and controlled production for some factories.

Activated alumina is an alumina having adsorption property, catalytic activity, high dispersion, and large specific surface area. It is suitable for drying various gases and liquids. It is used as adsorbent, desiccant, catalyst and its carrier in many reaction processes such as petroleum and fertilizer, chemical industry. Activated alumina, the use of alumina in the catalyst is commonly referred to as "activated alumina", which is a porous, highly dispersible solid material with a large surface area and a microporous surface with the properties required for catalysis, such as It is widely used as a catalyst for chemical reactions and a catalyst carrier because of its adsorption properties, surface activity, excellent thermal stability and the like. The spherical activated alumina pressure swing oil adsorbent is white spherical porous particles, the activated alumina has uniform particle size, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, no swelling and no cracking after being absorbed, and is non-toxic, odorless and insoluble. Water, ethanol.

XR101 activated alumina for dryers and air seperation is highly welcomed, lies in 70% Chinese market.


Product clarification:

General Aluminas 
XR AA-101 activated alumina desiccant
XR AA-132 activated alumina for PTA

Chloride/TBC Purification

●XR CL-104, CL-104E


Peroxide Purification

●XR AA-107

SRU Claus Catalysts

●-Activated alumina catalysts

●-Promoted alumina catalysts

●-Titania catalysts

●-Alumina/Titania composite catalysts

●-Bed supports

Water treatment/fluoride removal

●XR AA-105

Hydrocarbon purification
XR AA-104
XR AA-125

KMNO4 impregnated with activated alumina


Catalyst carrier

Large pore volume activated alumina

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