3-5mm activated alumina for air dryer

- Oct 27, 2018-

3-5mm activated alumina for air dryer

Activated alumina, also called activated aluminum oxide, is used as desiccant, adsorbent, catalyst carrier, de-fluorination, chloride removal, claus catalyst and others. It has high porous structure, high surface area, high selectivity, high absorbent rate, ect.

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heatless dryer desiccant

Regeneration of activated alumina

●In the drying of activated alumina, regeneration of activated alumina is necessary. The heating and desorption processes include heating, rinsing and cooling in three steps. The higher the heating temperature, the more complete the desorption regeneration. General heating regeneration temperature is about 350 ℃. The temperature of the activated alumina tower is generally raised to 280℃ for 4 hours. Heating rate of about 50 ℃ per hour. After the regeneration of the active alumina bed must be cooled before the adsorption operation, with the cooling gas to wash the bed, the gas should also be used to try not to contain water, cold gas flow and adsorption cycle of the same direction. When activated alumina is used for liquids such as propylene drying, it is necessary to first drive the liquid of the activated alumina bed at the time of regeneration, without any dead ends. Otherwise the residual liquid will react or carbonize upon heating, which will seriously affect the efficiency and operating life of the adsorption cycle.

●If the activated alumina has good quality, it will improve the life of activated alumina. Certainly, whatever bad or good, you should use desiccant regeneration for future application. But Good quality activated alumina performance could improve the life and drying situation. So please purchase activated alumina from standard activated alumina factory. Trust our company could offer you the best warranty.