14*22 mesh low soda activated alumina with big pore volume

- May 03, 2018-

Alumina is an important chemical raw material, widely used in ceramics, medicines, adsorbent materials, catalysts and catalyst carriers. Until now,  alumina has been found to have at least 8 or more morphologies, and their respective macroscopic structural properties are also different. Compared to other forms of alumina, γ-Al2O3 known as "activated alumina" has become a chemical industry due to its advantages of adjustable pore structure, large specific surface area, good adsorption performance, and good surface acidity and thermal stability. The most widely used catalyst or catalyst carrier in the petroleum industry plays an important role in the reaction processes of hydrocracking, hydrofining, hydroreforming, dehydrogenation, and automobile exhaust gas purification. Our factory research a activated alumina catalyst carrier, which is 14*22 mesh low soda activated alumina with big pore volume. 

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Activated alumina γ-Al2O3 is generally prepared by dehydrating its precursor pseudoboehmite at a high temperature of 400-600°C, so its surface physicochemical properties largely depend on its precursor pseudo-boehmite, but its preparation There are many methods for mimicking boehmite, so the pseudoboehmite from different sources leads to the diversity of activated alumina γ-Al2O3. However, for the catalysts with special requirements for active alumina catalyst carriers, it is difficult to achieve the control of the precursor pseudoboehmite. It is necessary to adopt a combination of pre-preparation and post-treatment to adjust the activated alumina. Nature to meet different requirements.

    The active alumina γ-Al2O3 catalyst carrier has been widely used in the fields of chemical catalysis and other fields, which have higher and higher requirements for its physicochemical properties. For supported catalysts, the appropriate pore size distribution and specific surface area, appropriate surface acidity, and high hydrothermal stability of the control support are the goals. 

14*22 mesh low soda activated alumina with big pore volume has high performance in catalyst field. It is low bulk density, so it could be as suspendal catalyst carrier.  Its Na is below 0.05%. 

Our factory could research and do the activated alumina microspheres, like 30*60mesh activated alumina. Please find us when you has special activated alumina requirement in your field.



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