10% Manganese Oxide Activated Alumina Adsorbent for Air Purification

10% Manganese Oxide Activated Alumina Adsorbent for Air Purification

10% Potassium Permanganate Adsorbent chooses the suitable adsorption carrier to produce by the mix technology method, the adsorption capacity is more than 2 times with similar products. This product is to use strong oxidizing of Potassium Permanganate to oxidative decompose reducing harmful gas,...
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10% Potassium Permanganate Adsorbent chooses the suitable adsorption carrier to produce by the mix technology method, the adsorption capacity is more than 2 times with similar products. This product is to use strong oxidizing of Potassium Permanganate to oxidative decompose reducing harmful gas, so as to achieve air purification. There is high removal efficiency of harmful gases, such as SO2, H2S HCHO etc. The advantages of this product are the large adsorption capacity and long service life.

The content of Potassium permanganate is available to produce by the demand of customers. The general contents are 4%,6%,8%,10% and so on.

  • Drying Method: Static Drying

  • Sorbent: Potassium Permanganate Adsorbent

  • Al2O3: More Than 70%

  • Trademark: XR

  • Specification: Chinese Standard

  • HS Code: 281820

  • Shape: Sphere

  • Kind: Potassium Permanganate Adsorbent

  • Desiccant: Chemical Desiccant

  • Kmno4: More Than 4%

  • Transport Package: 25kg Kraft Paper Bag/Drum.

  • Origin: Shandong, China


Appearance Purple spherical particle
Water content
(at room temperature)
Bulk DensityKg/m3≤900≤900
Specific Surface area/g≥200≥200
Pore volumeml/g≥0.38≥0.38
Crushing strengthN/unit≥80(2-4mm)≥100(3-5mm)

After use for certain periods, the adsorption ability gradually decrease, we can determine whether it has lost its effectiveness according to the color of products.


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